Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Drip of the New Year Rains

Happy New Year to all our readers! Here it has been a day of unremitting greyness and rain. This was about the clearest view we had of Little Solsbury all day… You may notice a new watermark on the photos today - designed some time ago by my creative neighbour, Mark Hackett, but only implemented here with today's turning of the year. Permissions for use are still under the same Creative Commons license terms (may be used free if unaltered, and attributed to Marcus Lynch and for non-commercial use only). I will update the license once I have digested the recent amendments to Creative Commons licensing
 It was wet- note how this abandoned hairband has rusted.
Bella was OK wearing her waterproof wax-cotton coat as she paddled down the little stream that this path has become.
This day a year ago, the weather was completely different and we were out in glorious sunshine all day - maybe tomorrow will be better than today! 

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