Thursday, 16 January 2014

Receded Floods, Clouds and Rain

After what promised to be a clear day, we found ourselves in Bradford on Avon this morning in heavy rain. By the bridge the waters were still high, although they have receded quite a few feet from the business-closing heights of a week or so ago.
Back home after some shopping, a brief brightening of the skies illuminated our stained glass hall window. 
Out with Bella, saw that a neighbour's Christmas tree had been left behind by the recyclers when everybody else's had been taken.
Talking of recyclers, they often seem to interpret their role as being to redistribute materials from recycling bags and boxes onto the pavements and roads (Womble moan over!).
Growing out of the ground-up stump of a tree, saw these pretty fungi. 
This stand of silver birch was a splash of brightness on a gloomy afternoon. 
The sky looked as though it was going to clear - just before the big dark clouds came back over and the skies opened. Bella and I managed to get home just in time to avoid a drenching!
This day a year ago, it was a really cold day - still lots of frost on the plants when I went out with Bella in the afternoon. 

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