Thursday, 30 January 2014

Out and About in Three Counties

Out and about this morning, saw this shop clearly no longer in use - fully bespoke service for any situation!
This next door makes the mind boggle! 
We popped by the vets to pick up a prescription for Bella - I waited in the car opposite these neo-brutalist Ballance Street flats.
Looking up Julian Road provided a different aspect.
Then it was off to Walcot Street - this street art spied from the car park.
Continuing our action- packed morning, we popped along the Box Road to see what the new owners of what used to be Dick Willows have done to it.  It's now called The Shed, as this outside cladding suggests. Lots of renovation and construction work going on inside - and a warm cafe, even if the rest of the building was as cold as ever.
From there we set off through Bradford on Avon to the Frome Road, where these trees at a junction caught my eye. 
Our destination was Mole Valley Farmers at Standerwick, in search of a warm coat for Su - a successful quest.
Not many supermarkets have guns just along the aisle from jam making equipment. 
On the way back into Bath, stopped in traffic opposite this grand frontage on an old building - can't quite make out the writing. Pity about the grey weather all day… 
This day a year ago, I got back from teaching at UWE to take Bella out for a walk in a lovely afternoon sunset.
I am doing some extra teaching at UWE for the next few weeks, covering for colleagues teaching in Hong Kong, On Tuesdays, I have a very full day, so Su will be guesting on the blog then. Shouldbe much more interesting!:-)

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