Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sun, Clouds and Trees

A sunny morning with blue skies - hopeful sign for a decent day.
After a slow morning, we took ourselves off up to Westonbirt - where it was really quite cold, as the ice from this frozen puddle showed.
Su was really taken with the wrinkles on the bark of this Acer Griseum.
The light caught this collection of small trees nicely. 
These trees looked grand.
Great swirling clouds up above our heads.
Mackerel skies. 
The colour of this dogwood in the sun caught my eye.
Holes in the clouds looked dramatic.
Loads of berries on this overgrown shrub, as Su called it. 
I tried to get a photo of Bella with stick in mouth, but she kept moving and sniffing every bush and tree. Saw this young tree which, contrary to appearances, is an oak not a holly.
An ex-pigeon - fox's dinner probably. 
The orange berries on these trees proved very popular with the birdlife. 
These trees looked magnificent at the top of the hill. 
Mid afternoon sun obscured by cloud. 
This day a year ago, I was up at Brockham End with Bella in the last rays of the afternoon sun in the woods.

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