Friday, 24 January 2014

Mystery Chalk Marks, Nailsea Visiting and Various Animals

Out with Bella into a damp and grey morning - she happily sniffed away.
Peeling paint on this post box. 
Gnomic chalk markings on the pavement - the work of an apprentice tagger? 
Signs of Spring - I think these are snowdrops on their way. 
Went off to Nailsea to see Bob for a bit of music practice - Frank couldn't make it today because of roof issues. Luckily, I was expected. 
They have decorated their wheelie bin with butterflies - what else? 
Went off to the pub for a spot of lunch, passing the church with its stopped clock - it tells the correct time twice a day! Or does time stand still in Nailsea?:-)
Back at Bob's, I noticed his new addition to the decor as well as the giraffe by the fire. 
A real contrast to our visit Avebury yesterday is Bob & Vicki's back garden, which is a monument in its own way - a garden-free zone, with astro-turf rather than grass and the only animals being in statue form. After this excitement, I popped round to see Barbara and Richard for a coffee and to exchange marmalades.
This day a year ago, I enjoyed the blue tinge of the early morning light on fresh overnight snowfall.

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