Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Two Different Days

Apologies for missing yesterday's blog post - I didn't get home after Pilates until too late to write it. Before that, it had been an eventful day - started with observing some of our garden growth, beginning with this shiny fungus.
Our snowdrops seem happy. 
The weather forecast was mixed, so we decided to head for the sea - hoping that the sun would be out when we got there. Drove through some heavy rain, but when we got out of the van at Brean beach there was brightness to be seen.
There were big, dramatic skies. 
We debated if the tide was coming in or going out. Decided that it was actually coming in, so moved the van off the beach just in case it came right up - we didn't want to be a feature on local news!
Enjoyed a cold brisk walk on the beach with Bella before soup and a sandwich and enjoying the sight of a murmuration of starlings as well as a panoply of changing cloudscape. My phone had run out of battery charge, so no more photographs from the beach - just had to enjoy the sights.

Out with Bella this morning, she didn't spot this table tennis ball - not that it would have survived her attentions very long if she had!
Sun over the terrace broke through to brighten the day. 
This is one way to avoid worrying about a garage door - this has now been repurposed into a music practice/recording space.
Moss sprouts turning greener and getting taller. 
Heather flowering. 
I wasn't sure about this offer! 
Then it was off to UWE for some dissertation supervision and covering tutorials for an absent colleague. Spotted this headline on my way through the campus.
Went to the Library to sort out my access to university email system, and was delighted to see Sheepdog Gromit, which UWE won in the recent charity auction. 
Here's the sheep at the wheel. 
On my way out of the library saw this notice on a bin some way from the building doors - part of a new university campaign. 
Right by the building doors (much nearer than the bin with its discrete sign) was this gaggle of smokers. Campaign's not much good without some enforcement!
This day a year ago, I was also at UWE and enjoying this view of the building-block lift structure. 

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