Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rain, Voodoo Dolls and Culture

A definitely wet morning.
The weather cleared up a little and we went over to Bristol. Walking up to the Triangle from the car park, we looked across to the Wills Building. 
In the shop we once bought a sofa from, now lives the "sci-fi and cult megastore", Forbidden Planet.
Spotted in a shop window and demonstrated here by Su, a poar bear car windscreen scraper. Managed to resist the urge to buy one.
Inside the shop, I never thought I'd see the day when voodoo dolls were on sale on the HIgh Street.
Looking at the Victoria Rooms. I knew this building first as the home of the Exploratory before it moved to Temple Meads.
Our destination - The Royal West of England Academy, where we had come to get a dose of culture by checking out their 161st annual exhibition - hundreds of works for sale by unknown, emerging and established artists showing painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and architecture.
One of the first rooms we looked in was black and white works.
This is not a photograph, but a drawing - great skill by this UWE student. 
In another room, sculpture inspired by stars - very unusual.
I was taken by this 3Dish painting. 
The major space of the exhibition. 
 A striking artwork.
I liked this, "Every Cup of Tea She'd Ever Drunk" 
Didn't actually see what this painting was of until I donloaded the photographs - really liked the technique 
A photograph that demanded a photograph.
Another impressive example of painting technique. 
On the way back to the car park, noticed ths building with blocked up windows - evidence of window tax, maybe?
After that, we decided that we should go and visit Dynasty for some delicious dim sum. 
Got home in time to take Bella out for her afternoon walk - saw this little person's mitten that somebody had kindly left on a post by the road.
This day a year ago, the snow had largely melted revealing this old tiled floor to me when out walking with Bella.
Today is Australia Day and Republic Day in India - good wishes to all our readers in those countries!

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