Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sunshine, Sheppey Inn and a Moor

As forecast, today has been a day of wall-to-wall sunshine. This was the sky that greeted Bella and me as we stepped out this morning.
Berries and branches against the sky. 
Sun over terrace roofs. 
Little Solsbury. 
I liked the raindrops on these metal plant supports in the back garden. 
We set off for deepest Somerset, going to Godney on the Somerset Levels (non-flooded part) to meet up with Symi chums, Elaine & Jon.
We met at the Sheppey Inn - great pub sign!
After lunch we went for a walk to Westerhay Moor. Bella plunged into the water and got her third immersion in four days- one happy dog.
Entrance to a walkway. 
Some fence decoration about the geological history of the moor. 
Sun through the trees. 
Another display - this one about some of the species to be found on the moor.
 I've spent a fair bit oftime behind this wheel in the last few days, and even found out about the dashboard light dimmer switch:-)!
Stopped off at Waitrose in Wells briefly, and then drove home through a stunning sunset. 
This day a year ago, it was also a lovely day - we went up to Westonbirt, staying long enough to enjoy the sunset. 

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