Thursday, 9 January 2014

Christmas Trees, Bus Trips and Westonbirt Swimming

Out with Bella on a bright and fresh morning, she was unimpressed by these Christmas trees - as were the recyclers today, who left them all to litter the pavements for another week. There'll be pine needles everywhere!
It was a beautiful bright day - more what I'd thought yesterday might be like. 
We went down into town to the Little Theatre to see the Ben Stiller version of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - we were both agreeably impressed with it, especially some of the filming. Well worth a view if you're looking for an enjoyable film. 
Having caught the bus down, we then caught the number 6 back from Manvers Street - I'm getting into this bus thing more, now that it's coming out of my taxes!
Looking towards the train station.
The bus stop is opposite this bookbinder and bookshop that continues to survive despite Amazon's success.
It was such a lovely afternoon, so I took Bella off to Westonbirt, while Su stayed home to watch a Google Hangout for her FutureLearn online Forensic Science course. Bella spotted this large lake and went straight in. Much stick throwing and swimming ensued.
Managed to get her out of the water for a while, passing this commemorative trunk in the woods - covered with lots of visitor additions all round the trunk. 
There's been some clearing of the coppices in this part of the wood, as this pile of withies shows.
Lovely setting sun - tonight's clear skies bode well for a possible sighting of the Northern Lights. 
This day a year ago, I was up on the racecourse with Bella at the end of the afternoon and seeing magnificent skies in the process. 

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