Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bright Start, Clevedon Visit and Bench Plaques

A bright start to the day over Bathampton Hill.
A glow at the top of Charlcombe Valley. 
Lovely skies at the back of the house. 
It was forecast to be a bright day until mid afternoon, so we set off to Clevedon to enjoy some sea air, and possibly see some of the high seas the media have been going on about for days. By the time we got there, the skies were grey and overcast, so we went for a coffee in the excellent Tiffin.
Looking over to the pier, with Wales smudged out in the cloud beyond. 
The ferocious seas - apparently there was just a splash over onto the seafront road last week, despite the news coverage. 
Took Bella for a stroll along the promenade, passing this sad looking display of flowers in a boat donated by the Sailing Club in 2006.
A notable plaque on one of the many benches along the promenade.
The recent weather had exposed some of the rock colouring on the beach.
The Marine Lake was like an infinity pool.
I liked this sign on top of the wall - especially the provenance of the council department of streets and open spaces.
Bella persuaded us to let her chase a big stick into the sea over and over. She paid for it later when she stiffened up but she was happy.
Another interesting bench plaque…
Old man's beard at the side of the promenade on the way back to the van as the rain set in - our cue to head for home.
This day a year ago, we had a bright start to the day which illuminated these trees.

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