Sunday, 5 January 2014

Promising Start, Wet Later and Bullocks

A possibly promising start to the day, especially given the forecast of further downpours to come.
Looking out towards Little Solsbury at the back of the house.
Definitely promising skies.
The sky at the top of the valley was best of all.
The rain held off until it was time for to go out with Bella, of course! Saw this great name for a car dealer on a neighbour's car.
Twelfth Night today - and the first ejected Christmas tree of the season. Soon the streets will be festooned with them waiting for the recycling wagons to take them away. There is a project in Bristol to recycle them into a temporary forest - maybe Bath could do that in future years?
Stopped to chat to these bullocks waiting for the farmer to bring them some food.
Spotted this excellently decorated mini, I've seen before.
Life springs eternal - a dandelion rooted in the stump of a fence post.
We went off to Bristol to Patsi and Bill's Hunt The Bean party, getting there too late to find a bean in our slice of cake and become the Lord/Lady of Misrule . Passed flooded fields in Keynsham at the side of the A4.
The waters were so deep that these rugby posts were definitely submerged.
This day a year ago, we went through the joys of shopping before I succumbed to a recurrence of my cold.

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