Sunday, 12 January 2014

Promising Start, Fizzy Water and Gnomic Tagging

A promising start to the day - front of the house.
Looking eastwards at the back of the house. 
Looking northwards. 
Looking up to the top of the Charlcombe valley. 
Out with Bella, I spotted this discarded bottle of eau de toilette - but I bet it wasn't actually fizzy! 
Saw this blue tit and its chums flitting about. 
Loads of these blocking the pavements - and Bella stopped to sniff every one. 
Saw this by several of the local bus stops - guss the "FP" is short for Fairfield Park. Time will tell what works the markings are leading up to.
It was a grim and gloomy day by this stage. 
This day a year ago, having walked past it many times I noticed this historic prohibition against cycling. 

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