Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sunshine and Trees

A bright and sunny start to the day.
It was too nice to stay indoors and do sensibe things, so we piled into the van and went off up to Westonbirt - along with half of Gloucestershire it seemed! 
We walked close to the boundary of the formal arboretum with specimen trees at the top of the site, rather than our more usual Silk Wood route. This marked the limit of our progress with Bella…
Look but don't go in…
 This great pine really impressed us.
We were also impressed by this holly that had taken root in the base of the pine. 
Lovely bark on this London Plane tree. 
Wondered what type of creature lives in this little house under this footbridge. 
This shiny sweet chestnut in the grass caught my eye.
Great shining silver birch tree. 
Bella happily chased and carried this big stick all round the walk. 
This day a year ago, Su found this wonderful fennel seed head in our back garden. 

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