Monday, 20 January 2014

Sun, Somerset Jaunt and Pink Wool Quest

A spectacular sky over Bathampton Hill this morning, with mist in the valley and frost on the roofs and cars.
The view from the back of the house was also impressive. 
After yesterday's northward trek, today we journeyed southwards through Somerset to Wells. After a delicious lunch in The Good Earth we worked our way up the High Street towards the cathedral.
We've seen this graffiti before, but without the yellow nose.  Also noticed the old industrial legacy of the straps at the base of the wall.
No image, but a noble sentiment! 
Lots of conversion work going on around here - I liked the name of this project in progress, 
The old mill stream runs right though here (and under the road). 
Opposite the stream (which must run underneath it) is the Olde Mill House.
Further along the road, another converted premises with an interesting plaque. 
At the end of the road, a great address for somebody. 
Wonder why it's called Chubby's?:-) 
Su was in search of pink wool - to knit her contribution for the Wool Against Weapons protest in August. She was most successful in her quest.
Here is the publicity for the campaign - any knitters who want to get involved, please follow it up directly! 
Got back in time to take Bella out for an afternoon walk - went out into a lovely afternoon. Saw this willow against the afternoon sky.
There was a beautiful light all the way across the skyline.
Solsbury Hill and Bailbrook positively glowed. 
Went over Mount Beacon and saw the skies to the west that drew me to see more.
Great skies over St Stephens Church. 
The church looked magnificent.
The last of the setting sun. 
This day a year ago, our lane was a ski slope after the local children had used it as a slide for the previous two days. A community effort cleared the road in a couple of hours (the council never grit because it is too steep and narrow)

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