Saturday, 4 January 2014

Gloom and Unexpected Sunset

Another miserable day - clouds punctuated by downpours from morning to afternoon.
Took Bella out towards the end of the afternoon - and our timing was excellent, as the rain stopped and the light in the sky was really striking. 
Looking up towards Mount Beacon, the skies were even more enticing. 
Over the brow of the hill, the skies were still tempting us to see more. 
Looking back up the hill, the skies were lit up as well. 
 Looking westwards towards the sun, these silhouettes of trees against the sun was stunning.
St Stephens Church and more trees with the last of the sunset. Tomorrow looks like being another wet, wet day so I'm glad we got this burst of sunshine before that!
This day a year ago, it was my induction day for teaching at Kaplan College in the building I first worked in at UWE in 1992.

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