Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Social Whirl

Last night's sunrise was pretty impressive.
Spectacular skies. We wondered if this might presage good weather - then the rain started. 
Down into town this morning, driving past old buildings now repurposed into bars and restaurants.
This one used to be a bank. 
We went to the Little Theatre
… for a free member's preview of "Mud". Probably not a film we would have gone to see otherwise, but it was surprisingly good, with good performances - especially by the two teenage leads.
After that, it was back up the hill to take Bella out for a spin.  Bumblebees are out and about - this one was happily working its way around all these flowers for nectar. 
Today's abandoned item of clothing - yet another glove. Time to open up Marcus' odd glove shop? 
Went past this ageing, but quite stylish tag. 
This at the edge of what was waste ground until last year. 
It's coming on nicely. 
Don't know what this means, or if the nail is significant? 
Flowers popping out everywhere - these blue ones have popped up on Mount Road in the few days since I was last there. 
Mock orange flowers looking good peeking over this wall. 
Really hard to figure out vertical and horizontal with this wall and windows. 
More blossom in full splendour. 
A cone sapling? 
 A different type of pavement art.
Then it was off into Bristol to have a dim sum lunch to see us through our next month in Greece (we'll be there in 3 days' time!!!). On the way back from Dynasty, we saw this old bus which we'd spotted on the way into town.
This day a year ago,  our map of Lesbos arrived and we started planning our two weeks there in earnest.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

In pictures: Bert Hardy

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