Monday, 29 April 2013

All Over the Place

It started off sunny but again the clouds came back in - until the afternoon.
A neighbour's front garden with the annual tulip display in full flower. 
Out and about this morning, we found ourselves behind a car with this sticker. 
On Bear Flat, we passed The Bear pub.
On Green Park, this tree has burst forth with fresh bright green leaves. 
Tourists on the corner of Queens Square. 
Our regular house sitters, Peter and Marian, arrived today. Having read the blog on and off they have overcome their camera aversion to say "Hello" to all our readers. We head off to Gatwick tomorrow and will be on Greek soil on Wednesday morning - in Rhodes for the day, and get to Symi on Wednesday evening!!!
This afternoon we took Bella for a walk down by Chew Valley Lake. It was sunny but quite breezy - when we got out of the car, the sound of the wind through these conifers was pretty loud.
Got fairly close to this duck standing on a stone near the water's edge. 
Pretty flowers by the water's edge a bit further along from the duck. 
The same variety of flowers, but a much paler shade. 
 The water level in the lake is still very high
On the way home, we dropped into the Trading Post in Warmley. I have driven past it a few times, and thought it looked pretty wacky but never been in. Su was there recently with a friend and wanted me to see it. I soon saw why - this figure greets you on the way in.
On the other side of the drive in is this totem pole, continuing the trading post theme. 
Thereafter it goes quite multicultural, with a strong Asian influence as shown by this stone head on a greenhouse (where else?).
An indian statue in a giant parrot cage (with giant parrot)… 
 This is on the way into the main complex
Inside one of the many greenhouses given over to stock, what every living room (or garden?) needs…
Where rocking horses, rocking elephants, rocking planes etc. go when they are no longer wanted.
The sides of these very long greenhouses are lined with wagon wheels, and there are literally piles more outside.
Outside, we debated having this elephant fountain as the centrepiece of our garden - we'd need a crane to get it there, mind you!
 Another elephant themed piece.
This head stood about 7 feet high. 
Insid the main emporium, there was so much to see that I oculdn't take it all in - it probably merits at least a day picking through all sorts of unexpected juxtapositions.
I wondered what the vaguely hippyish music playing was, and then I found out… 
And performing in the corner… 
The main plant selling section - complete with statues of sheep and other animals on the tables for decoration
This day a year ago, we had very strong winds which gave our fence a bit of a battering. This was a temporary fix (which - having been strengthened the next day - is still in place holding up the fence today!). If it ain't broke, don't fix it?
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

Is there really a north-south water taste divide?

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  1. Amazing Marcus. What a great collection of Statues and flowers. And your Neighbor's Tulip was just mind-blowing!! i am really fond of tulips. I order tulip flowers and bouquets many a times and sometimes for no reason.