Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sunny Day on Symi - Had to Go to the Beach

After a slap-up family feast where we're staying and a visit to the Sunrise Kafeneion last night, a later start. Still got down to Pedi before midday.
On the boat to Agios Nikoalos again, passed this nicely named boat. 
Looking back at Pedi, with the gravel boat berthed at the end of the jetty. 
What is this - a cloud in the sky?!!! 
Passed these naked sunbathers - mercifully at the limit of my camera's resolution! 
Looking across to Turkey. 
I spent quite a while examining this view … 
Waiting for the return boat at the end of the afternoon, I admired this art installation, "Bollards and Hand Prints". 
This day a year ago, we were still adjusting to low UK temperatures after four weeks on Symi and had to light our stove to cope with the cold.

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