Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wisteria, Dashboard Bloom and Sudden Showers

On my way back from Pilates last night, I was stopped in my tracks by the delightful aroma of this wisteria poking over the fence.
Just what every car needs - a vase with a flower on the dashboard. 
Looking out across to the other side of town with the setting sun lighting it up. 
Looking the other way towards the sunset. 
Out with Bella this morning, I admired these big clouds against blue skies.
On the side of a van - not to do with how to live in Greece, but loft conversions. Clever logo, I thought.
This afternoon, out again with Bella these clouds loomed half way around our walk. 
Umbellifer blooms coming on. 
Then the skies opened and a long, heavy burst of rain ensued. I managed to take shelter under a tree while Bella happily sniffed her way around the green, getting wet.
The calm after the storm with blue skies over Little Solsbury.
I thought this was a speed trap…
… but closer investigation showed it is a device to count the number of vehicles passing up Marshfield Way. 
Freshly rinsed iris. 
This day a year ago, we walked down to Yialos and appreciated this anti-cat approach. 

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