Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Walk in the Park, and A Walk Round The Block

Out with Bella this morning, spotted this flyer in a car window - won't be here, because I'll be on Symi!
Later on, I took Bella for a walk down the golf course and into Victoria Park, where I saw this brightly coloured camper van all the way from Hamburg.
Liked this plane tree - number 5, come in your time is up! 
Lots of elegant chestnut flowers out at the moment.
With the breezy weather, lots of the blossom has fallen to give a real carpet under this tree.
Lilac blossom in the intermittent sunshine. 
Bella happily displaying the yellow golf ball she found abandoned on the golf course - she carried it all the way round our walk until she found a really disgusting old tennis ball for me to throw for her… 
Pretty flowers on this shrub 
After that, I had the joy of Homebase to get some more light bulbs for our kitchen and spotted this Apple van. I know they are buying Dr Dre's Beats, but didn't realise they were diversifying even further:-) 
Booking office and toilet block at the bottom of the golf course. 
Pretty blossom in the botanical garden. 
 An extravagantly planted bed of colour in the botanical gardens
Out with Bella later in the afternoon, I admired these tulips in their last flush before all their petals drop off. 
These frilly white ones are also coming to the end of their days beautifully. 
Down on Fairfield Park Road, I enjoyed the Spring afternoon the day had turned into.  
Fulsome stand of bluebells. 
I liked the way the sun looked behind these trees. 
Pretty blossom in a neighbour's hedge.
This Virginia creeper is coming on well - look out for a bright show in the Autumn.
Blossom in a tree. 
More lilac blossom in the sunshine. 
Looking over towards Little Solsbury. 
I admired these bright red valerian spikes. 
Liked these newly emerged aliums, especially the contrast with the planting behind them. 
Aqualegia flowers. 
A poppy growing out of a crack in the pavement. 
The brightness of these flowers jumped out at me.
This day a year ago, we walked down the Kataraktis into Yialos. 

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