Thursday, 22 May 2014

Catching Up with The Last Couple of Days

Another late blog posting catching up with the last couple of days - thanks to Su for yesterday's posting from her boat trip on the Poseidon. Again, I'll let pictures from yesterday tell their own story, starting with this early morning view across the valley.

Isobel Grace's birth flower, lily of the valley, at the end of its flowering season.
Took Bella for her afternoon walk down into Charlcombe valley 
Swathes of red clover and buttercups. 
Saw several of these large hairy caterpillars 
Strolling homewards past a red, white and blue-ish display 
Hedgerow flowers. 
In our garden, a gardener's friend taking a break from eating aphids. 
Drove over to Clevedon to play an open mic night with Left At The Lights at the Moon and Sixpence - got out of the car to this stunning view.
Heading back to the car after a good evening. 
Walked past this house and its angular drainpipe many times. 
After a day's vivas for student projects today took Bella out for an evening walk - and was really struck by the texture in these clouds.
So, how did they get the sign up there! :-) I guess they put the sign up before they painted the wall… 
This wisteria has finally flowered and is in its full glory. 
Sunset glow over Charlcombe. 
White flag irises. 
This day a year ago, Su and I walked down the "lazy steps" into Yialos and she officially approved this portrait for publication :-) 

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