Friday, 9 May 2014

Van Fix, New Specs, Spacey Mandolin and More Flowers

Out with Bella this morning, saw these extravagant tulips I'd not spotted before. Had to tone down the saturation of the red to show some of their detail.
Dropped the van down into Larkhall to get its leisure battery sorted out and then I caught the bus into town. Waiting for the bus, my eye was drawn to this evidence of a party event the previous night.
Got off in Walcot Street and popped into Harvest, Bath's wholefood shop to get a few supplies. Down the road, this Spring themed window display was unmissable… 
An appropriate alteration of the sign - I had one of these crack down on my head a few years back, and I was most annoyed! 
My destination was Specsavers to pick up my new glasses, where I was greeted by this jolly balloon for Bath In Fashion 2014 - a week-long programme of events.
I'd booked this parking space for Bob so he could unload the PA when he arrived in order to test out his new effects box with his mandolin - some very spacey effects ensued (so far no complaints - it wasn't that loud!).  
After we'd lunched and played some music, Bella and I set out into a lovely Spring afternoon - blue skies, comfortable temperature and a gentle breeze. Admired yet another neighbours lilac blossom. A great year for flowers so far.
Looking over at Little Solsbury from the bottom of Hampton View. 
Delightful thorn blossom. 
Wigela is out already and blowing about in the breeze. 
We enjoyed an exhibition of tae kwan do by some of students from this club at the Larkhall Festival last weekend.  
St Saviours Church towering above this part of Larkhall. 
On the rear window of a car parked up, I smiled at this sticker for Ceroc
Impressive cloud formation looking like it emerged from the top of the tree. 
Gilda rose? My Symi-based horticultural consultant (they made it across on the Spanos from Kos this afternoon) will advise if it's not, I'm sure:-)
Laburnum in full flower. 
More tulips - on their way out. 
Back at home, our white tulips in the front garden are coming to the end of their time as well. 
In our back garden, this lilac continues to delight.
Found this aphid-eating visitor on the sheet as I took it off the line.
This day a year ago, we were on Symi enjoying cloud, rain and sun all at the same time - which combined to produce this wonderful double rainbow over the Pedi valley. Su's now got that view, and I'll see it in less than 17 days! 

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