Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tree Surgery, Flowers and Garage Door Dirt

My day has been spent mainly in front of my laptop reading student Information Systems dissertations, while Su has been sorting her final preparations for going off to Greece tomorrow! Lifting my eyes from the screen this morning, I enjoyed the sun on the van and vine outside the window.
Yummy lunch - steamed broccoli with roast tomatoes, cream cheese and pitta bread.
Our little lavender at the front of the house is doing very well. 
Out with Bella this afternoon, I admired this neighbour's show of ostiospermum.
Quite a sight, rounding the corner on Fairfield Park Road. 
Way up high, chopping off the crown of the tree - bit dodgy as the wind was up! 
Still there. 
Another sight - all the way from Red Bay, Alabama according to the detailing on the side. What my van wants to be when it grows up:-)! 
We turned for home under this threatening lid of cloud, which did favour us with a spot of drizzle but not the downpour I'd feared.
Hawthorn blossom in a neighbour's hedge. 
Its alium time in this front garden! 
Jolly acer. 
A display of tulips that have avoided me until today… 
Lady's bonnet (aqualegia) 
I was taken by this pattern of rainwater tracks through dirt on a garage door 
This day a year ago, we were on Symi enjoying the postponed May Day holiday down at Pedi where we spotted this traditional Greek three-wheeler.

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