Saturday, 17 May 2014

Flowers, Frog, Balloon and Muffins

A late posting, catching up on things I've seen over the last couple of days - thanks to Su for posting yesterday from Symi, and for wrestling with the vagaries of Blogger in Greek:-) Our white rose in the front garden has come out to reveal a perfect specimen.
Our little lilac in the front is doing well. 
 And the chives are flowering.
Bob's tall tulips are at the end of their flowering time. 
An abandoned scarf spotted on my early evening walk with Bella last night. 
Beautiful smelling wisteria. 
While watering the back garden yesterday evening, this little visitor revealed itself - before it hopped off into the planting around the pond.
Later on I heard the sound of a hot air balloon burner and looked out of the window to see this balloon coming down in the Charlcombe Valley. I took the logo and the words "Sun Rise" to be a portent of where I will be on Symi before very long:-).
This morning, an interesting cloud formation greeted me at the back door.
A neighbour's poppies are the size of dinner plates. 
In another neighbour's garden, a self seeded geranium. We are still waiting for our planted ones to bloom - lots of leaves, but no sign of flowers yet. 
Out with Bella looked at these "Simpsons" clouds over Little Solsbury. 
Getting in the washing this evening, I looked up and saw that we will have damsons this year - lots of them in fact, as the whole tree is covered with these little proto-fruits.
Our astrantia have begun flowering. 
Having seen the recipe in last weekend's Guardian, I finally got around to making these smoked paprika spinach and feta muffins. I've never baked a muffin before, so I was really pleased to see them rise.
Even more pleasing, I managed to get them out of the tins! Sampled one and I'm pleased with the results!
Sunset skies. 
This day a year ago, we found a view of Yialos free of wires. 

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