Sunday, 18 May 2014

Table Tennis, Sunny Buddha and Bella Pics

Out with Bella this morning, where there's normally a car parked stood this table tennis table.
A display of irises in a front garden. 
Chimneys against a clear blue sky for another day - bliss! 
Warm enough to have breakfast in the garden - facing the sun with Buddha. 
In the spirit of displacement activities from work, and taking advantage of the dry weather, I did some work on the van while Bella supervised.
Great swathes of cow parsley still in abundance. 
Pieris bush with flowers. 
Flowers pikes - I think these are verbascum - sure my horticultural consultant will advise if they're not. 
Looking over to Little Solsbury. 
White lilac blossom. 
This warm weather's good for all plants - bindweed included!
Off with their heads - the gardener clearly doesn't like untidy daffodil remnants.
Pink hawthorn - not sure that Bella approved.
This display of aliums is even more fulsome after a few days sunshine. 
In our back garden, my path was strewn with rose petals. 
This day a year ago, we recovered from the night before at the Sunrise Cafe with a hair of the dog.

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