Friday, 30 May 2014

After the Storm, Harbour Panorama and Boat Launching

After admiring electrical storms during the night, got up to a fresh and breezy start to the day - I liked the line on the sea in front of Turkey.
Made my way down the Kalistrata and went past the big church in Yialos with its largely original coquillage courtyard.
Up past the Opera House, and looking up towards the Kastro. 
I was taken by these leaves and their shadows on my way to get my floppy foot "Lesleyed" - noticeable difference so far, so fingers crossed.
Went to the bank and walked up to the clock tower, where I made this panoramic view of the harbour. 
Later on, we went for a walk down to Pedi and back, stopping to admire these prickly pear flowers. 
Entertained by the spectacle of getting a boat ready to launch without immersing the car exhaust in the sea.
Had a beer at Katsaras and watched "Elusive" come in and try to anchor. With a name like that, wondered if it was sponsored by the taxman?
This day a year ago, we took Bella for a stick-chasing-and-chewing walk round Chew Valley Lake 
After a windy night, we also contemplated the structure that was once our garden shed …

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