Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Lilac, Wisteria and Other Flowers

This morning I was taken by this scarf of Su's draped over the shower.
Out with Bella this afternoon under threatening skies…
Ensuring dandelions for the future.
I found out at the weekend that this garage converted into a music room belongs to Justin Adams, who plays with guitar with Robert Plant amongst others.
Aqualegia looking good.
Lovely new blossom on this tree.
A stand of tulips I'd not spotted before.
Daisy time!
Grand lichen on this tree trunk.
Admired this wisteria on top of this garage down a driveway.
Going down the path from Mount Beacon was like walking along a country lane.
A well established lilac.
A splash of wisteria on the side of this house.
Lovely flowers.
Clematis abundant.
Poppies at the side of the road.
Roadside aliums.
Another clematis.
Our neighbour's lilac opposite our house gives us a lovely view in the mornings.
In our back garden, our lilac blossom is opening out.
This day a year ago, we were on Symi at the official blessing of the new premises for the Olive Tree. Su will be back there on Friday, and I'll have to wait another couple of weeks or so.

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