Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Way to Symi

Apologies for short text-only postings over the last two days, but here is a catch-up since Sunday morning… 6 am and up to do last bit of housework and get ready to get taxi into Bath.
Down past the Abbey and Bog Island on the way to the bus station to get the coach.
Over the river, looking up towards Pulteney Bridge. 
Coach trip via Gatwick via Heathrow went smoothly, as did check in. Then it was time for the walk to the departure gate…
Pity I don't read Chinese… 
Over central Europe somewhere… 
Got to Rhodes on time and met up with Su for a happy reunion. Then on the morning Spanos ferry to Symi to our apartment with this view for the next couple of weeks or more. This is what Su has had to suffer on her own! 
The view looking up towards the windmills. 
After catching up on a bit more sleep through the afternoon, it was time to head off to the Symi Dream wine night, before going on to Giorgio's for something to eat, and then on to the Sunrise Kafeneion to get reacquainted with the effects of ouzo…
Amazingly not hungover this morning, we walked down to Pedi to catch the boat across to St Nicks. 
After a lovely day hanging out there, it was time to get the last boat back to Pedi as the Spanos ferry sailed past the bay. 
Looking back at our pitch for the day - the hills are alive with the smell of oregano! 
This day a year ago, we also walked down to Pedi where we came across this very confident cricket. 

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