Friday, 2 May 2014

Street Art, Open Mic, Van Cushions and a Bouquet of Flowers

Over in Bristol yesterday evening on my way to meet up with Bob, spotted this decorated building site hoarding.
As you might guess, this was in Bishopston… 
After being joined by Frank, we wandered up to the Seymour Club for their open mic night where we played after these guys had done their stuff.
Out with Bella this morning, spotted these newly formed cherries on the green at the bottom of the road.  
Went over to Bristol again with Su this morning to visit this establishment. Got our reworked seat measured up for cushions, so we actually have a wide enough bed space in the van for us both to sleep. Went boggled eyed looking at fabrics, so that joy is yet to come!
Then a spot of tasty vegge mezze for lunch at Bocabar on the Paintworks site before heading home to begin the last stint of marking assignments from Hong Kong students.
Out with Bella this afternoon on a break from my marking, Su pointed out these lily of the valley flowers.
Some more early valerian in flower. 
On one of Bella's favoured grassy hillsides lots of these pretty flowers have appeared. 
Bella was happy with her find in the long grass - as long as I threw it for her. Her brakes don't work so well any more, so as long as I threw the ball well ahead of her uphill she could cope with it and enjoy the chase.
Where not long ago was a hillside of daffodils, there's now a host of golden dandelions (and Bella taking a breather from her exertions).
On the way home, passed these clematis flowers cascading down from a neighbour's fence. 
Back home, the apple cordon we planted last year has blossomed!
This day a year ago, we woke up to this view and contemplated having to sit on this terrace for the next four weeks:-) 

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