Thursday, 15 May 2014

Into Town, Westonbirt and Garden Flowers

Another sunny day and warmer than yesterday. As I'm late getting to write this, I'll let the photographs tell their own story most of the time.
 Clematis in the willow on Fairfield Park Road .

 Our immediate neighbour on Fairfield Park Road has wisteria we can see from our back windows. This is a closer view than we have.
 Brave squirrel

Into town to run some errands. 


It's officially summer when you see your first pair of flip flops!
 New outfit for Su?
 Coming up tomorrow - the start of Bath Music Festival.
Oh no! It'll soon be happening! 
Popped into the Temple of Apple, where they had a bunch of school children in being indoctrinated on a "Field Trip".
I resisted - but only because I'll be getting Mediterranean food in 10 days time:-)!

Soon see these on St Nic's beach!
Our rhubarb is doing well!
Went to Westonbirt and managed to get three dissertations marked - probably more than I would have done with the distractions of home, and we both got a change of scene.

On the way home stopped behind this fearsome piece of agricultural machinery. 
More flowers at home…

This day a year ago, we started the day looking at this Pedi view and saw the valley from one perspective or another for the rest of the day. Su's enjoying this now! 

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