Friday, 16 May 2014

This is a not-Marcus blog today

As Marcus is up to his eyeballs in marking and I'm languishing on Greek island it seemed only fitting that I should volunteer to do the blog. Easier said as my version over here is in Greek and guess what? I don't speak, read or understand much of it. After much faffing about I'm writing on M's version but it's me not him.

Frank Taxiarchis (landlord at Hotel of same name) fighting his way through luggage to help his customer (Carol - front left of picture) get on to ferry to Kos. She's had her week on Symi and now must go home!

....and this is what she's leaving behind. This is also the view from my apartment looking out over Pedi Bay. That's Turkey you can see in the distance.

You may be wondering what I've been doing here on my own - why making jam of course! It's apricot season so couldn't resist.  George (another one who lives up the hill) donated the jars so has his name on one of them.

But it's not all work for me. Was invited to the Olive Tree cafe tonight who were staging a "promo" for their excellent new project i.e. promoting local produce and businesses by offering a tasting menu followed by a guided sunset walk. We didn't get the walk tonight but the spread was lovely as are Jenine and Tina who do all the hard work.

And this is they!  Good luck with your new venture.

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