Monday, 19 May 2014

Isobel Grace, our first grandchild was born today.

Welcome to our world little Izzy! Today has been very exciting. M is still busy marking so has asked me to do the blog again but as he's in the UK he's been the one getting emails about progress of the birth etc. and relaying messages to me....thanks Blogger-in-Chief!

Now I've calmed down a bit I can tell you about my day in paradise. Went down to the harbour to sort out a few things so lots of photo opportunities.  Boats going out, boats coming in, boats staying put, as well as day trip ferries bringing in the hordes to be parted from their money!

One of the attractions for visitors is the "noddy train" ....I got stuck between this contraption and a throng....Help!

Which came in the guise of George and his trusty steed. After a coffee he whisked me up to the Chorio.....thrilling!  Think I'll get myself a bike.

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