Friday, 13 June 2014

The Leaving Of Symi and Return to Blighty

On my way down into Yialos on Wednesday evening to get the ferry tickets to Rhodes for the next day, spotted this decorated scooter.
The weekly visit by the big cruise ship 
We had our last dinner this trip on Symi at the wonderful Windmill Restaurant with a very pretty sunset…
… for 360ยบ around the sky. 
Played a final session at the Sunrise Kafeneion with George and Clare. This was the day that greeted us when we awoke.
We thought we'd seen the last of George's taxi boat, but managed to get one final crossing in… 
On the way… 
… this was my view for quite a bit of the afternoon - 
- when I wasn't looking at this. 
One day, this dragon will wink at us! 
On the boat back to Pedi, where we caught the bus down to Yialos. 
There we watched this floating gin palace docking - with at most a dozen passengers, including the wally on the bow.
It was called Cloud 9… 
Before long, it was time to catch the ferry to Rhodes.
There we had a smooth transition to the airport, checked in our luggage with no queue and enjoyed the setting sun over the airport while we waited for our plane.
In the gents' loos, an art installation, or a student prank? 
Flight got in on time, checked into our hotel and then off to catch the train this morning. My eye was caught by the anti-pigeon spikes covered with bits of feather.
On the train from Reading to Bath, we admired these feathery clouds and wondered if they were aircraft trails that hadn't completely dispersed. 
Back at home, inspecting the garden - this is our "nursery bed" full of phlox 
Lovely white roses. 
A resident of our compost bin. 
Our perennial foxglove has popped up in the last few weeks.
We have apples on our cordon planted last year! 
This day a year ago, I was admiring various wisteria plants around the neighbourhood. 

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