Sunday, 8 June 2014

Beach Time and Drinking Sheep

After a night at the Sunrise Kafeneion playing music with George and Clare, we were up and off and down to Pedi relatively early (for us!). On the boat to St Nicholas beach
Leaving a wake behind us. 
After a very pleasant swim, bask and lunch the skies clouded over by the time we caught the boat back to Pedi.
The wake on the way back. 
It was truly overcast… 
Admired the ingenuity of the oleander planters…
We walked back up to the Horio from the beach and saw sheep drinking for the first time ever in our memory…
… they were all feeding (I presume on dried food) and then trotting down to this bathtub full of water in dribs and drabs for a drink. 
This day a year ago, we went off to Westonbirt where Bella was not particularly impressed with this statue.  
Tonight we will wander up to Manteio's for the Greek night being hoste dby ITV for their documentary filming - may even spot the famous dancing mayor!

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