Monday, 23 June 2014

Sunsets, Formerly Used As and Flowers with Bees

Last night's sunset…
Off into town - what else would you sell in the Marmalade House than paint and furniture? 
Down on Milsom Street, the former use of these buildings is written on their walls.
Once the Post Office, now a clothes shop. 
Behind the Abbey, Cafe Du Globe - the only Moroccan restaurant in Bath.
Caught the bus back home from opposite the Abbey. 
Our neighbour's day lilies have suddenly emerged after years of just being foliage. 
Under our spreading acer, a carpet of white campanulas. 
Spotted these delightful little roses in the dense planting by our little pond. 
Spent a few hours this afternoon marking in the garden - tomorrow should see me finished!
Out with Bella later on, spotted bees all over blackberry flowers. 
Flowering variegated ivy poking through a fence panel. 
I'm surprised to still see England flags about after their rapid departure from the World Cup..
More bees - this time on our white penstemeons. 
Went down into Larkhall to my Pilates class, passing the church on Claremont. 
My destination - another church (St Saviours, looking grand in the sunshine).
This evening's sunset. 
This day a year ago, I drove off in the van on a little trip - first evening at Jule's & Jess' in Birmingham.

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