Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sunset, Wine Presses, Goats and Boats

Many thanks to Su for posting yesterday's blog. Thought I wouldn't have much to say today but then downloaded pictures taken since Sunday… this was Sunday evening's sunset glow.
We went up to Manteios's for the ITV "party", which seemed to be using assembled tourists as a backdrop for filming interviews. Didn't stick around that long.
Yesterday, the weather started off overcast, with cloud on the Vigla.
Handbrake Symi style… 
We went on a trip up to the wine presses, stopping for a photo opportunity over Nimborio, Yialos and Pedi. 
Walking to the wine presses through pine forests 
One of the many (no longer used) wine presses up there.
 A small marker on the hillside. 
Close up of some of the forest floor growth. 
Goat's graveyard (Su's twinkly toenails making a guest appearance top right of the picture :-) ). 
Walked across to meet our bus on the road to Marathounda. Waited at the cantina, where Su pointed out this interesting bicycle wheel 
Looking across to Panormitis 
We went down to Marathounda for a swim and some mezze for lunch. The goats down there are very persistent… 
This morning, the weather, although forecast to be cloudy was anything but - blue skies over the Vigla. 
The chapel down at St Nicholas was open - this fresco on the ceiling 
The altar panel - all fairly new paintings. 
This sailing boat came in very close to the beach and gave us all something to stare at for a few minutes. 
We still have our training wire for young birds in operation. 
This day a year ago, we walked Bella over to Brockham End where we enjoyed this view over Saltford (and the chickens in the parterre).

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