Saturday, 7 June 2014

Down into the Big City & Occasional Animal Life

A bright and not so breezy morning. We went off for breakfast at the Olive Tree, passing The Windmill restaurant on the way - great to see that it opens as of tonight!
After breakfast, we headed off down into Yialos to do some shopping. Spotted this bin cat staking its claim.
These two kept a sleepier eye on proceedings. 
Coming down into the harbour off the lazy steps. 
Two modes of transport coinciding. 
Down in Yialos, spotted the ITV camera crew who are on the island to make a "Whatever happened to Shirley Valentine?" documentary. 
This afternoon, Su was entertained by these fledglings being coaxed by their parents into flying and catching their own food on the wing.
Went back out to the Olive Tree to pick up our tea for this evening, and admired this hibiscus on the way back to our apartment. 
Lovely roses. 
This day a year ago, this flowering tamarisk tree reminded me of St Nicholas beach. It was also our 1,000th blog posting - today is our 1,355th, so we're still putting stuff online nearly every day.
Tonight George and I are playing at the Sunrise Kafeneion, hopefully to be joined by Clare later in the evening.

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