Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sunset, Film and Dinner

Last night's sunset, with a spectacular line of cloud across the sky.
Golden glow over Charlcombe. 
A grey day where I caught up on my sleep, moved a bit of furniture around the house and tinkered. This evening we went off to catch the bus into town and admired these geraniums and pink pinks.
Also, my artistic director (Su) pointed out some photo opportunities like this foliated hole in the wall. 
The aforementioned artistic director's earrings of the day. 
Walked down to the bus stop on Claremont, opposite the local corner shop which has a long history of such provisioning. 
Went into town to the Little Theatre to see Bright Days Ahead - an existential and entertaining French film.
After that, we treated ourselves to a meal at Bill's - complete with ducting.
Clever use of partitioning between the tables. 
This day a year ago, we saw this monster at the establishment formerly known as Dick Willows 

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