Friday, 6 June 2014

Boozy Night, Nature Watch and Beach Time

An unexpectedly late night out last night - visited the Sunrise Kafeneion, where Sue was celebrating her birthday. George wanted no publicity.
A prolific poster of Facebook pictures, the tables turned with Kerry Finch caught on camera.
Steve Finch, another sneaky Facebook poster caught in cat cuddling mode. 
Some of the remaining cast members, before the effects of the evening kicked in. 
A bright and sunny morning - still breezy but no rain and blue skies all day.
Blue skies over the Vigla (note the effigy on the fence to the right of the parasol. 
On the way out, we were entertained by a punch up between two little lizards… 
Walked down to Pedi and spotted this enormous hornet-like creature drinking in the nectar from thistle flowers. 
Plant pots, Symi style. 
Then it was over to St Nicholas for the afternoon. 
Generally very pleasant, except when the wind sandblasted us with the occasional fierce gust. 
The little church at the end of the beach - 
- complete with icon over the door. 
 Looking out from the courtyard.
On the way back to our apartment, another bird on a wire. 
This day a year ago, I was bemused by this display while out walking Bella. 

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