Thursday, 5 June 2014

Leaky Roof, Lemon Drizzle Cake Production and Excessive Yacht Spotting

Looked out of our back door this morning to see people on the roof of the newly completed sports hall. Wondered if the heavy rain last night might have come through…
A bit later, looking down to Pedi which was much brighter and calmer than yesterday! 
Three birds on a wire below our apartment 
Went off to George's about 1 pm, and got a better view of the sports hall roof from up and across the valley. Looks like a major tile relaying job…
An abandoned sports glove on the way. 
Su pointed out this blue plaque to me on the way.
Had a good time at George's - Su baked her first ever (very large and most excellent) lemon drizzle cake while we played some music and then we had a very tasty vegetable soup (sans mussels) that George had made. On the way back, admired this atmospheric windmill against the sky.
Looking back down the road and across to Nimos. 
These thistles have benefited from the rain, being almost luminescent green with fresh growth.
We walked down into Yialos in the early evening. 
Passed the Noddy train waiting for its next trip. 
Had a tasty pizza in the Dolphin Restaurant and enjoyed the glow of the evening light on the hillside. 
Then we repaired to Elpida's for a beer, opposite which was parked this floating gin palace. 
The view up towards the Kastro. 
This day a year ago, we were treated to a glorious Bath sunset. 

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