Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Overcast Skies, Early Departures and Faded Glories

An overcast day - not one to spend on the beach, although it has been pleasantly warm by UK standards most of the day. We walked down to Yialos, and I was really taken by the fading glory of these roses…
Another plant I'd probably see as a weed in a UK garden, but here it is charming! 
We disturbed this chicken having a dust bath, and it stomped off most indignantly. 
Sleeping cat in the grass. 
Another flower I think of as a weed in its white incarnation as bindweed in the UK, but a splash of colour here - convolvulus flowers fully opened and emerging.
Another of the many indoor gardens to be found in ruins/restoration projects on Symi. 
Grasses catching the light. 
Another example of faded grandeur overlooking Yialos. 
Some wall art/graffiti on the "lazy steps". 
A pale oleander flower down by the water's edge near the road up from Yialos.
Many thanks to Su for this picture of sailors making running repairs on the Symi - it seems they're always doing something in the few hours they spend in port while their cargo of day trippers disperses.
At the entrance to Spago - a shop in Yialos that's new to us.
After a spot of shopping and a lovely lunch in the Trata, we sat in Agialos Cafe and watched the bustle of Symi :-)
Then the horse-drawn carriage came past… 
… with the "driver" on his mobile phone, wearing his cowboy hat - very authentically Symiot :-). 
The harbour was full with the Symi getting ready to leave, the Nikolas not long berthed and the Panagia Skiadeni in harbour until 4.30 when (along with its regular complement of day visitors) it was going to take a contingent of Olympic holidaymakers off the island a day early because of the forecast heavy winds and impending rain tomorrow.
This day a year ago, the weather in Bath brightened up a bit and I enjoyed a glimpse of this wall of wisteria.

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