Monday, 2 June 2014

Symi Sunset, Nimborio and Spooky Cornet

A glorious sunset last night over Pedi.
And over the skyline by the windmills. 
And over the Vigla. 
In fact, through all 360º!
This morning, we walked down to Yialos to catch the 10.30 am boat to Nimborio to find they'd changed the times to 10 am (which we'd just missed) and 11 am, so we had to sit and have a drink in Eva's Bar. Watched this trio of ducks inspect the quayside.
Fairly quiet in Yialos still - more so than traders would like, apparently. 
The Symi berthed with lots of day trippers on board, so that might be good for business!
Passed the birder patrol boat on the way out, and saw refugees upstairs in the police station.
Looking across to Harani. 
Arrived at Nimborio to the newly named and freshly painted Panagiota's! 
Had a pleasant few hours there and then walked back. Someone further along the road is wondering where they left their glasses… 
Spiky thistles. 
Looking across Nimborio bay from the hillside path 
 Stopped for a breather on St George's step - only noticed the two people whose feet appear here after I took the photograph.
Coming into Symi.
Looking up the Kataraktis and to the Kastro 
Delicate coloured oleander flowers. 
Noddy train! 
The surreal, disturbing ice cream cone has been repainted in even more garish colours - and now has green hands. 
New shop opposite Waitrose, selling lots of home made crafts. 
This day a year ago, we went to see Eliza Carthy in a great performance at the Colston Hall after a meal at Krishna's Inn and admiring bits of Bristol architecture like this cylindrical one on the corner of the Triangle.

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