Friday, 20 June 2014

Sunsets (Again), More Flowers and Bristol Traffic Sights

Last night's sunset kept on delighting for ages…
Up and off early into Bristol today - saw this advert on the back of a #70 bus. Wonder where this straight office is? :-) 
A rather extravagantly decorated car… 
On Park Road in the violin shop, Su spotted these miniature examples - about 6" tall! 
Out with Bella this afternoon, I enjoyed watching this bumble bee work its way round a clump of flowers. 
These mallows have bloomed all the way through the winter and haven't stopped, Look almost like hibiscus flowers. 
Looking across to Little Solsbury - today was meant to be cloudy and overcast but luckily the weather forecast was not too accurate and it was a lovely afternoon.
Comfrey flowers by the roadside. 
Tonight's sunset was also spectacular. 
It too kept on going for quite a while, leading to these shafts of light.
This day a year ago, I admired this extravagant motorhome.

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