Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Flowers, UWE and New Southmead Hospital

Out with Bella this morning in unexpected sunshine, I stopped to watch the bees again on this bank of campanula.
Next door to these, the front garden is full of poppies. 
Interesting lines in the sky - remnants of planes' vapour trails? 
Nice wispiness on display as well. 
This afternoon, I dropped the m*rking off at UWE for moderation and then went to Southmead Hospital for a clinic appointment. This newly opened building has been designed around a metaphor of an airport - so I went through an automated sign in process after which I was directed to Gate 36 (rather than the Neurology Outpatients clinic). This took me the length of the airport hospital past coffee shops, indoor trees and seating areas - no travellators, unlike most airports nowadays. 
Waited to be called into another waiting area by seeing my name on a screen on the wall. Talked to the staff in there, to find out they are all really dissatisfied as were many of the patients. Certainly not a very disabled-friendly layout, despite all the new decor. 
On the long walk back to the car park (again not a very disabled-friendly arrangement), passed this sign stuck on a locked bicycle storage area…
This day a year ago, I was in the Pennines visiting Grahame with his new bearded image.

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