Monday, 16 June 2014

Bristol Visit and Bella's Swimming Demonstration

Off to Bristol this morning - parked the car in Trenchard Street car park and enjoyed the panoramic views across South Bristol from its upper floors.
Walking down Park Road, next to the Red House, a building clad in red scaffolding wrap. 
I guess so… :-) 
Steps to Christmas Steps… 
Opposite the Bristol Royal Infirmary this graffiti persists after being the site of  a "war" between artists
Inside the Bristol Royal Infirmary, the new face of hospitals - with W H Smiths, Marks & Spencers food outlet, a clothes shop and a branch of Boots.
We picked Bella up from her stay in the kennels and went to Chew Valley lake, lined by umbellifers. 
Bell celebrated her freedom by jumping in the water…
… and swimming! 
After tuning into the Symi Dream broadcast on the Internet and going down to my Pilates class, I enjoyed this evening's sunset  -
- which kept on going for some time. 
This day a year ago, I spotted this sign in Alice Park - only in Bath, darling!

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