Thursday, 1 January 2015

Farewell 2014 and Happy New Year 2015

Christmas Eve found us in Sydney Gardens, admiring the stonework on this canal bridge.
Neo-classical folly. 
Spotted over a front door. 
Weather was set fair. 
Christmas morning saw our clematis flowers still blooming! 
The salvia was still at it as well… 
… along with these primroses 
- and these wallflowers. 
and our winter-flowering cherry is still going strong. 
We walked up to Primrose Woods, on the way passing these archery targets set up in the school grounds.
Amongst the trees, we hung up the bird feeders Carol had given us.
One of Santa's little helpers left their hat on a gate. 
Talking of whom, a late delivery in progress? 
Deluxe Christmas pudding! 
We went to Bradford on Avon a couple of days later, where we saw yet another Olympic commemorative artefact - this time a bridge.
Please don't park on the gravestones! 
We came across this very old Saxon church! 
A couple of days later, walking around Mount Beacon we saw this doorway with a definite challenge to its vertical hold. 
Looking down the hill at St Stephens Church towards the sunset.
Took this covered motorbike to be a horse at first sight. 
An abandoned comb greeted me when I got out of the car in Bear Flat the next day. 
We paid a proper visit to Alexandara Park many years after a very short visit with Tempo and Ruby, our dogs of the time. 
The panoramic view across Bath is tremendous.
Going back down the hill, spotted this imaginative decoration on a rear windscreen wiper.
Went for a very welcome hot chocolate on sucha bright and cold afternoon at the excellent Bear Pad
Next morning was again clear, with mist down in the valley. 
I walked down into town and enjoyed the misty spectacle as I walked along Camden 
 Another interesting wreath for this year's collection.
I met up with former student and teaching colleague, Duncan McKean on a trip over from Holland, for an enjoyable couple of hours in Jolly's tea room 
Graffiti spotted on the wall of a Sure Start centre revealed a long harboured sentiment. 
Love this window on a building behind Charlotte Street car park.
- or a marketing ploy? 
"You're not taking my photograph, are you?" said the lovely Su.
This day a year ago, as ever the lovely Bella was keeping my ball kicking skills finely honed.
Wishing all our readers a Happy New Year 2015!

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