Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Bloggification

Out and about last week in Larkhall, we stopped on Dafford Street, where we had a long chat with Miranda, whose front garden is an advert for her gardening business.
Spotted this unusual design of garden gate .
And the prize for most imaginative Christmas wreath goes to this Brussels sprout adorned item. 
Imaginative use of a large brush rather than tinsel. 
Down at the Victoria Art Gallery in town after seeing the slow-moving film, "The Homesman" with Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones, we enjoyed seeing the Grayson Perry "Map of Days".
Looking up, we were delighted to see a gold leaf-decorated zodiac above our heads. 
The rather less glamorous side of Pulteney Bridge… 
On another foray into Larkhall, Su spotted this decorated bicycle bell on the school fence. 
A Wallace Christmas wreath… 
In Langbridge's hardware shop, what else would you decorate a fan with but fluffy snowmen? 
Guess it will get you there… 
… especially with a meerkat on the bonnet! 
A Rudolph wreath. 
Again in Larkhall, we guessed that this pub's clientele do their best to comply with this instruction :-) 
 Fetching harlequin pattern on the pub's corner.
The festively decorated hardware store at dusk. 
 Evidence of some frolics the previous night?
On Monday Ben, Lena and Isobel came down for an early, and delicious, vegetarian Christmas lunch. Isobel held court in her corner.
The night before we'd been down to the Little Theatre to see the most excellent film, "The Imitation Game"  - highly recommended.
This day a year ago, I was down in sunny Bath doing the last bit of Christmas shopping and enjoying the relative quiet of the city centre.

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