Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Flannel, Flowers and Film

Up and off fairly early this morning, passing the salvias and penstemons still flowering in our front garden.
Gave a lecture to the Audio Engineering module, and then hung out in the Music Tech staff office, where I spotted this amongst the herbal teas:-) 
I'd managed to get a parking space for the van right outside the building I was teaching in!
Back home after waiting to supervise project students who didn't turn up, it was flower time again - the wallflowers in our front garden 
The primrose coming out in the back garden, many months earlier than usual 
The newest addition to the garden that Su had planted out - Fern.
Seeds heads on our clematis looking good. 
Even clematis flowers are still coming out. 
Salvias in our back garden looking splendid. 
Roses blooming away. 
This evening we went off down into Bath to the Little Theatre to see the Australian film, Mystery Road - a very atmospheric and excellent film, and highly recommended.  Had two conversations afterwards with people with personal connections to the area it was filmed in (Wilton in Queensland, also apparently where the song Waltzing Matilda originated).
This day a year ago, I spotted this devilish headgear perched on a garden fence - evidence of a party the previous night?

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