Monday, 27 October 2014

Racing, Playing and Stretching

Late night blogging time! Today saw us back up at the racecourse …
 … and in the final straight for a longer walk than yesterday …
 … commenting on the architectural hodge-podge on show …
 … and spotting mushrooms.
 A swift half at the recently refurbished pub was our reward.
This afternoon, I went down to Stephen's to play some music, passing this rose on the way. Nearly November and still very mild with lots of flowers still out.
After that it was down to Pilates, with a spooky view of St Saviours church against a moonlit, cloudy sky. Then home to delicious curry and watching the latest episode of "Homeland".
This day a year ago, we spotted these gnomic bikers (with solar powered headlights) in a garden centre. 

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