Saturday, 22 December 2012

Wet Wet Wet

No oscillating weather today - just unremitting rain. Out with Bella this morning, I was once more captivated by the sight of raindrops on the tips ofbranches.
The broken pyrex dish that adorned this wall for some time has gone… the power of investigative photojournalism? 
Don't recall seeing this sticker before  - the Sealed Knot is a society that re-enacts Civil War/English Revolution battles (guess somebody has to…) 
My day has been spent indoors , apart from a sojourn out with Su - when the weather was unchanged.
We went past the Holbourne Museum. 
St Mary The Virgin in the rain. 
Prior Park garden centre stream was full. We went to have a look at the river, which was running fast and high. Flood warnings all over the West Country tonight with trains beyond Taunton in doubt…
This day a year ago in contrast, it was a lovely bright day. Up at Brockham End, I saw these great arcs of cloud across the Avon valley. 

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